Friday, 2 December 2011


                                     Our Allys:
                                                     Army Union
                                                     Army Republic
                                                     Club Penguin Crew
                                                     Golden Sheep Army
                                                     Fire Invaders
                                     Neutral: All armies not stated as enemies or allys
                                     Enemies: Light Troops
If u would like to be allys with the Sheep Army, comment below!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Sheep Uniforms

Member: Sheep Costum (Big Bad Wool)

Non-member uniform: black coloured penguin with white belt or white shirt.
                                  Or, if u unlocked the yeti costume at unlock items.
                                   You can also wear anything white in coloured. if u have a white in colour scarf, then
                                  wear it! if u dont have any, then wear something very light in colour. if u unlocked black or dark in coloured shoes, or have them, wear them as hooves.  BAA :D
If u have any ideas for non member uniform, comment or email me! baa

Sheep Ranks

Commander In-Chief:  Superalden
 - Main Owners –     
Commander General: Mr Waffle45 , Callum
Commander:  Totidile , Lord Jay
 - Owners – 
Advisors: Pup
General: Tacodaily , Mew , Pokemon1310 , Shawn
Master General: Ryan , Obama81000
Field General: 
 -  Moderators -
Major General:  Royilumbo
Brigadier General: 
Sergeant Major: 
Staff Sergeant:
Warrant Officer:
- Members – 
Creator: Superaalden


 Welcome to the sheep army, all u have to do is comment ur answers of these questions...

1.Have you joined other armys before? If yes, what rank?

2.Do u have the sheep costume?

3. Will u follow all rules, and be loyal to the sheep army?